Use your senses.
to see to hear to touch/to wear

The melody from the Danube River intertwines the urban rhythm with the inner
monologue,inviting you to engage your senses and perceive its ethereal essence.

Embrace purity,redefine your outer silhouette in the liberating winter landscape.
Shed the weight of bulkiness,and be ready for any moment in your daily life.

LILY 2023 Winter Collection

LILY Reversible Stand-collar Down Jacket
Elegant Workplace-Style Belted H-Line Skirt
LILY Hooded Goose Down Long Down Coat

"Pure"1000+Danube Goose Down

Haldobagyi Golden Goose Down
Pure Sensation,Fluffy and Soft

"Pure"Floral Print

Breaking Through Traditional Down Design
Lightweight UP,Stylish UP

Clean and Neat Tailoring

Waistline Sculpting,Clean Lines
Enhanced Waistline,Higher Comfort

Clear "Pure"Winter Colors

Drawing from 6 Glacier Pure Colors
Urban color palette becomes even more brilliant

Multiple options

Designer patterns meet high-quality fabrics,
Presenting a variety of innovative styles.

Suit-Style Puffer Jacket with Pockets
LILY Hungarian Velvet Down Jacket

Within the fluffy fibers,extracting warmth beyond expectation,put on
the goose down,and step into your sleek everyday work routine.