Sustainable and Timeless Fashion

LILY STUDIO is a sub-brand of LILY dedicated to creating high-quality, on-trend, stylish, and environmentally friendly women’s apparel. Using sustainable materials and ethical production methods, we are committed to reducing its impact on the planet while still offering its customers the latest fashions. With a focus on classic, timeless styles, the clothing is designed to be worn season after season, making it a smart and responsible choice for the modern woman.


history of LILY

Chad and Rosa are excellent designers who were regular grand award winners in international fashion design competitions before graduation. After college, the friends decided to turn their passion into a career and entered a well-established clothing trade company. In this large company, if they kept on rails, they would had good prospects. However, they chose to take a different path and pursued their dreams. At the end of 1999, when the foreign trade market was flourish, Chad and Rosa placed a "brand plan" before the board of directors.

With the focus on a talented design team and a professional marketing team, a new brand road, distinct from the foreign trade business, was initiated. Quickly, LILY began to showcase its new products at international fashion events such as Milan Fashion Week and display its brand image at major exhibitions.

In just a few short years, LILY has gained a devoted following of customers who love the brand's unique and playful aesthetic. The friends continue to be hands-on in the design process and are constantly inspired by their customers and the world around them.

LILY is more than just a clothing brand – it's a lifestyle. Chad and Rosa believe that fashion should be fun and accessible, and they strive to create pieces that make their customers feel confident and stylish. Lily is a brand that celebrates individuality, creativity, and a love of fashion. It's a brand for anyone who wants to express themselves and feel good in their clothes.

After a decade of growth, the company achieved a revenue of over $500 million and established over 700 stores both domestically and internationally. Chad wasn't content with having a successful offline business and decided to take LILY to the next level by entering the U.S. market as a sustainable DTC brand.

LILY's commitment to quality and affordability resonated with American consumers, and the brand became a hit in the U.S. Today, LILY STUDIO offers luxurious, high-quality clothing at an affordable price, whether for the office or everyday wear. Thanks to Chad and Rosa's vision and determination, LILY has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a clothing trade company. It's now a thriving business that brings luxury to the affordable and mass market.